Clockwork Orange:  Track Out

Creation of Enigma
The opening scene creates enigma through the strange and unfamiliar setting that sets out the surrealism of the film, this can also be seen through the characters behavior, costumes and make up. In addition, the white, female mannequins are used as tables and foot stalls and adds to the effect of unfamiliarity as well as creating a disturbing atmosphere. Finally the voice over is enigmatic through the introduction of the main protagonist's dialogue being strange and some words used seeming unrecognizable however the audience can hear the chilling, clinical voice presented.

Character Introduction
The audience are presented the main protagonist through a close up shot and a voice over of the character, Alex. The close up shot enables the audience to see Alex's strange and disturbing make up and also encourages them to believe that he has some psychopathic tendency's, this can also be made clear through the voice over in which the audience are able to enter the strange world of Alex's mind. In addition, Alex's gang of 'droogs' are also introduced and therefore the audience are able to see the power of the main protagonist.

Plot Setting
The black and white imagery shown within the setting and the characters costume's convey a psychotic feel within the film; almost suggesting a 'parallel universe' and this results in the audience wanting to know more about the plot. However through the introduction of the disturbed main protagonist, Alex, and his gang of whom seem to have blood on the white clothing enables the audience to understand that the film is largely best around disturbing aspects whilst also showing to the audience the unfamiliarity of the corrupt world within A Clockwork Orange.

Pace and Rhythm
The white costumes, setting and 'milk' is significant in showing to the audience the surreal atmosphere of the film. The close up of Alex which slowly tracks away from him enabling the audience to see the whole setting and his gang of 'droogs' gives the audience an insight into Alex's mind and world; in addition through the character being in the middle of the bar, surrounded by people who are not talking, the audience are made to believe that Alex has large amounts of power and intimidation.

Mood and Tone
The music is electronic and elongated, it can be considered at first to be deep and cynical however through the introduction of the gang increases the tempo of the music, giving an interesting and dark feel. The music used is dynamic and adds to the sense of wonder within the audience.

Stock Settings
The setting enables the audience to see a completely strange setting; the mannequins and depressed state of the bar encourages the unreality of it. In addition the description of the 'milk bar' that alters the characters personality conveys to the audience a form of corruption within the film.

Through the strange and disturbing introduction of the film, the themes are somewhat unidentifiable and the audience may be unable to relate to the scene and/or world in which the film is set.

The narration of the film seems to be chronological and through the voice-over of the main character, Alex who also connotes strange and disturbing ideals for the audience.

Through the mannequins in the bar being women and being used as foot stools and tables, and the bar being occupied by all males; the audience may believe a sexist view within the film will be apparent and can also contribute to the psychotic behavior of Alex and his 'droogs'.


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